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3 Musts for Video Marketing in 2019

100% of all New Year’s resolutions fail. And 73.6% of all statistics are made up. The point is this: it’s hard to change how you are, how you act, how you live your life just because the calendar flips to another year. So let’s throw away the resolutions and set ourselves up for success with three simple video marketing must-dos. Don’t worry: they’re also can-dos.


1. Strategy… Big, Small, We Love Them All

Without sound strategy, you’re letting your best thoughts and your most creative ideas drown in a sea of content. Give them the vessels they need to survive — and thrive. Strategic, focused video empowers you to deliver a message that is perfectly aligned with your brand, hit your target, evoke emotion, connect and prompt action. Don’t waste your most valuable asset: your stories.

2. Tell Your Stories

Speaking of stories… you’ve got ‘em, your audience wants ‘em, and most likely they’re hidden behind layers of corporate speak and staid, boring video. Let them out to play. Not only do stories lead to better content retention (we’re 22 times more likely to remember a story than fact alone)  — they create an emotional connection with your audience. And when they connect, they’re not simply watching a story. They’re living it with you.

3. No, I Guess There Are Only Two

Really! That’s it. Video marketing can, and should, be focused on simplicity. Think of the stories that need to be told and who you want to watch them. Then tell those stories with impact. Get help from a partner like AGM or work with your internal team. But do it.

No matter what else you resolve to do (and then don’t), keep this one promise to your brand: make this the year you stop saying, “I wish I had a video for that.”



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