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5 Creative Promotional Video Ideas for 2019

What’s the purpose of a promotional video? Too easy, right? To promote a product or service and, by extension, your business.

That’s a trick question: the purpose of a promotional video goes beyond selling. Your audience is inundated with endless options with which to satisfy their need for entertainment and education. Unless you can get a hook in — engage them, connect with them, move them, inspire them — they’ll move on as fast as they can click.


The hook: stories. Promotional videos that show your company in a different light and that resonate with prospects and customers have the potential to change your marketing forever — and drive your brand towards its most critical goals.


Try These Promotional Video Ideas


Yes, ultimately, the goal is to generate revenue for your business (or financial/volunteer/community support for your cause) but to get there, you need to build relationships, earn trust, and establish yourself as a solution to real challenges.


Here are a few creative ways you can do that.


Show Off Your Employees


There is no one better to appeal to the minds and hearts of consumers than the people behind your brand. Your employees are your company: they’re the ones who take the meetings, handle the calls, reach out, answer questions, ensure satisfaction. Put them in front of the camera.


This is just what Holladay Construction Group does in this AGP-produced promotional video:




You can feel the energy, passion, and commitment that these folks have for their work, their team, and their clients. Featuring employees humanizes your brand and creates a personal connection with your audience.


Take a look around your business: who has stories to tell?


Recap a Blog Post


Seventy-four percent of marketers say that video is better for generating leads than blog posts. This is just part of the story, though. Video is better — in some situations. The right format depends on your message, the audience you’re trying to reach, where they are in the buyer’s journey, and where they’re consuming the content.

That said, utilizing both video and written content can help you maximize your results and hit more prospects and customers. If you have a blog with bulleted steps or a how-to, for example, you can create a video that runs through them. It can take the form of a simple graphic for each step or a real live person (how about an employee!) walking through the process.


Use this on your website, share it on your social channels, include it in newsletters, and integrate the video into the original blog post. Blogs with videos attract three times as many inbound links (great for your search engine result visibility and website traffic), and posts with visual content get 94% more views.


Here’s a golden opportunity to utilize video assets in multiple ways, making the most of your budget.


Answer FAQs


These videos are ideal for the decision stage when prospects want to be sure they’re making the right choice. They’re equally effective after the sale as you address follow-up questions.


Here, too, you have flexibility in terms of how you structure your FAQ videos. You can sit down (or have an expert employee on camera) to answer several common questions, or you can break it down into a series that you can share on social or send in newsletters. The latter is the route AGM takes in this video, which addresses a big FAQ:




Product Reveal


Have a new product to unleash onto the market? Create a video that gets people excited. Product promotional videos take a variety of forms, and we love this one from Man Crates:




It’s short and snappy. What’s interesting is that they don’t really “reveal” the product, or the gift, itself: they play up the appeal of getting a wooden box and having to pry it open. Fun!


This is yet more evidence that a short, creative promo video can be remarkably effective and get audiences engaged with your products.


Behind the Scenes


Give your audience an insider’s look into your business. Behind the Scenes videos hit several objectives: they are authentic, show transparency, and offer a glimpse of what it’s like to work with you.


Here’s the AGM team in action, working with Sigma, a global nursing organization:




We highlight our creative, collaborative (and fun) process and how it worked to produce a great promotional video for Sigma. And for us!


More Promotional Video Ideas


These ideas are just the beginning. Why not try some others?


  • Interviews
  • Demos
  • Product launches
  • Tips and tricks
  • Thank Yous to clients/customers/supporters
  • Holiday messages
  • Quick Lists (Top 10s, Best Practices, etc.)
  • How-tos
  • Customer testimonials
  • The making of your product
  • Unboxing
  • Day-in-the-Life
  • Time lapse
  • Before and after
  • Announcements/exciting news
  • Share your screen
  • Live streaming an event or answering questions in a virtual “town hall” style or forum
  • Brand culture


Effective, creative ideas are not borrowed from other brands; they are generated authentically based on your needs and goals. AGM works as an extension of your company to uncover the stories you need to tell — and to determine the best ways to convey your message and connect with your audience on a meaningful level.


How will you tell your story, differently? Contact Adam Grubb Productions and find out.