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5 Steps to Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Prospect: I have a problem; I need some reliable information and a solution.

Lead: How do I use this product? How will it help me? Who else has used it?

Customer: Should I go with this company again?


You: I wish we had a video for that.


Incorporating video into your marketing strategy means you never have to utter those words again. Tell the right stories, to the right people, and you’ll change your marketing forever. Easier said than done? Isn’t everything! Here are five tips to get you started:


1. Figure Out What You Have. Take stock of your current video marketing assets. Do you have explainers? Brand history videos? How-tos? Employee stories and/or customer testimonials? Which stages of the buyer’s journey are you targeting?


Tip: Create a living document that lists each video, the type of content (e.g. brand history, tutorial, testimonial, etc.), and the stage of the marketing funnel it targets (e.g. awareness, conversion, close).


2. Figure Out What You Need. Where are the gaps? Say, for instance, you run a software company. You have some brand overviews, but no product demos or how-tos. These are critical, especially for complex solutions. On the other hand, if you’re a nonprofit or socially conscious brand, offering some behind-the-scenes and employee/customer stories is a must.


If you’re nailing the awareness stage but need more middle- and end-of-the-funnel content, add some demos, case studies, trainings, etc., to the video mix. The long and the short of it is to look at the holes in your current inventory.


3. Produce Your Videos. Now it’s time to fill in those holes. Whether you do it in-house or engage with a video marketing partner, start creating videos that tell a story and develop a plan for distribution. Your website, blog, social channels, YouTube… how will you best push out video content so it hits the right eyes at the right times?



4. Track Your Results. From views and play rates to click-through and conversion rates, tracking key video metrics is a must-do to ensure that you are reaching your audience — and connecting with them on an emotional level to achieve the results you need.


5. Find a Partner. If this sounds overwhelming…. Well, you’re not wrong. Integrating video in your marketing strategy can be challenging. With the right partner, however, you’ll develop a sound strategy, address video content needs, reach your target audience, and hit the bullseye in terms of your goals and objectives.


Adam Grubb Productions can help you tell your story — differently — and transform your marketing strategy. No more wishing; get started.