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Think about a time you listened to a story: not just any story, a great story. Even if it is about a topic in which you have no real interest, you find yourself getting swept up. The excitement, energy, and passion is contagious. (By the way, this is how I ended up with a wine club membership with 12 bottles shipped to my home when I don’t even care for wine… I bought the story.) Your prospects and customers do have an interest in your products or services; what they need now is context. How will it better their lives? Make them easier, more streamlined, enjoyable, rewarding? And, most fundamentally, how does it work? The demo video is a powerful format for capturing their attention — and leveraging it into sales.

What did we do before the internet, besides talk to people in their actual faces? How did we find out if penguins have knees, whether “funner” is a real word, what Obama’s last name is, or how to win the lottery? (All, by the way, real questions people have asked Google.) We have a wealth of information at our fingertips, and, believe it or not, most of us use it to find solutions to real problems and challenges. With educational video, your brand has the opportunity to become a trusted resource for prospects and customers. And what could be funner than that?

What’s the hardest part of starting a new job? Learning your role? Getting to know your coworkers? Figuring out who to report to — and who to ask when you need help? Finding the best spots for lunch? No. It’s watching those mind-numbing employee training videos. It’s a weird ritual when you think about it: “We’re so glad you’re here! Now, sit back and let us sap every ounce of excitement, energy, and original thought from your brain for the next few hours.” It doesn’t have to be like this. There is a better way.

What does “corporate film” mean to you? Is it something you have to endure, hoping to find a few tidbits of useful information as you research products or solutions? Something your employer makes you watch so you’ll learn key processes or feel like part of the team? Something a salesperson shows you, thinking it’ll spark your interest in their wares? For most of us, corporate video is something we have to watch. But what if it were interesting content we wanted to view — and even enjoyed?

When was the last time you were on Netflix? Last night. When you were planning on binge watching Stranger Things. But then you saw the incredible variety of documentaries and docuseries available, and you couldn’t help but sit through four and a half hours of Ted Bundy interviews. Documentaries are just that compelling. But what about a branded documentary? Will people sit through 5, 15, or 30+ minutes of longform video content when a business is telling a story?

What is corporate video? A chance to check your email? Time to daydream and plan your weekend? A good opportunity to take a nap? Twenty years ago, when an employer, potential partner, trainer, or salesperson fired up sales or training videos, you could almost instantly feel your eyes rolling back into your head. Boring, staid, formulaic; you’d as soon watch paint dry. And, even today, many brands cling to the traditional idea of what corporate video production should be. But why not consider what it can be?