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What does “corporate film” mean to you? Is it something you have to endure, hoping to find a few tidbits of useful information as you research products or solutions? Something your employer makes you watch so you’ll learn key processes or feel like part of the team? Something a salesperson shows you, thinking it’ll spark your interest in their wares? For most of us, corporate video is something we have to watch. But what if it were interesting content we wanted to view — and even enjoyed?

When was the last time you were on Netflix? Last night. When you were planning on binge watching Stranger Things. But then you saw the incredible variety of documentaries and docuseries available, and you couldn’t help but sit through four and a half hours of Ted Bundy interviews. Documentaries are just that compelling. But what about a branded documentary? Will people sit through 5, 15, or 30+ minutes of longform video content when a business is telling a story?

What is corporate video? A chance to check your email? Time to daydream and plan your weekend? A good opportunity to take a nap? Twenty years ago, when an employer, potential partner, trainer, or salesperson fired up sales or training videos, you could almost instantly feel your eyes rolling back into your head. Boring, staid, formulaic; you’d as soon watch paint dry. And, even today, many brands cling to the traditional idea of what corporate video production should be. But why not consider what it can be?

The better a video is, the more effortless it appears. But make no mistake: the more effortless it looks, the more work when into creating it. Sure, there are videos that capture a magic moment with little to no planning - like the time Charlie bit his brother’s finger - but when it comes to marketing your brand, careful planning and meticulous execution throughout all the stages of film production is a must.

We love Apple, but they’ve managed to convince people that, with a shiny, slim, pricey piece of innovation, anyone can be a videographer. Point, shoot, slap on a filter you got from a 99¢ app, and done! But let’s ask ourselves a question: do you want a business asset that shows the same level of professionalism as the last cat video you watched? An experienced corporate videographer not only knows how to use the technical tools of their trade, but they also have the creative and artistic skills necessary to bring your story to life in a compelling, impactful way.

What do you do when you’re surfing in Australia or Indonesia, and you want to share your epic adventures with your friends and family? If it’s 2002 and you’re Nick Woodman, you put a camera in a waterproof case, clip it on the end of your surfboard, and make your loved ones insanely jealous. This is how GoPro was born. But it’s not how it became the action camera of adventure addicts and thrill-seekers.

How many times in the past year, month, week have you said to yourself, “We really need a video for that!” To showcase a product announcement, a grand opening, a fundraiser. To highlight your people and culture for potential employees. To liven up your Instagram Story. To reach B2B prospects and customers on LinkedIn. The list goes on and on - and yes, you do need a video for that! Stop saying it; start making it happen. AGP’s video production services are designed to meet your needs, and more importantly, to tell your story. Differently.