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Boost Your Brand: They Have to “Get” You Before They Can Market You

Finding the right video marketing agency should be easy.  Technology has made getting high-quality video productions easier than ever.  However, if you have been looking for a video marketing agency Noblesville, you may have already realized that finding the right match is trickier than it seems.  Why is that? 

Well, the job of a video marketing agency is to take your story and tell it in a digital format.  The task is easy, but it all depends on the video marketing agency understanding your story and your vision.  Without that underlying understanding, it is impossible to market you.

That is why Adam Grubb Media begins all of our relationships with a conversation.  While we are happy to show off how we excel at what we call the 5Ps- professionalism, production standards, price, previous experience, and promptness- our conversation is really designed to find out about you.

What is your business?  What goods or services do you provide? Who are your customers?  What are your core values?   We want to know about who you are and what you do. 

Then, we find out about the project.  What type of video do you need?  Do you have existing videos on your website or in your marketing materials?  Are you trying to reinforce an existing theme or brand or working on a rebranding strategy?  Is the video informative, like an explainer video, or designed for another purpose?  Are you looking for a stand-alone project or for comprehensive videos to use across your digital media presence? 

This process takes a little time.  That can feel unnerving in a world where people fill out a quick form on the web and get back some products or services within a few minutes.  However, at Adam Grubb Media, we believe it is time well spent.  We want to “get” you so that we can create the right video to share your message with your potential clients, so they can “get” you, too.