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Conversion Facts About Video on Different Platforms

When creating a website or a social media campaign, video is likely to play a big role in the final product. Even in email, sending links to videos can help encourage consumers to participate in your company, whether that is to make a purchase or build your brand. Consider a few important conversion facts that show how valuable video is.

What Can Video Do for You?

A report from Insivia Technologies found that 55 percent of people watch videos online every day. Considering that, it is clear that your business needs to use them because people want them. The same report found that if you include a video on your website landing page, that may increase your conversions by 80 percent – in other words, 80 percent more people will sign up for your email newsletter, make a purchase, or take some other desired outcome.

More so, companies are using it – including your competitors. When branded video content is used, it increases views by 258 percent on Facebook, for example, according to a survey from Tubular Insights.

What Does It Mean for You?

Companies that want to see success in terms of increasing traffic to their website, more engagement on social media, and better open rates in email marketing campaigns need to consider the value and importance of adding video to the marketing efforts. The right type of video is critical, and nearly all companies have the ability to create videos that can build their brand with the right help.