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Creative Video Ideas for Corporate Films

What does “corporate film” mean to you? Is it something you have to endure, hoping to find a few tidbits of useful information as you research products or solutions? Something your employer makes you watch so you’ll learn key processes or feel like part of the team? Something a salesperson shows you, thinking it’ll spark your interest in their wares? For most of us, corporate video is something we have to watch. But what if it were interesting content we wanted to view — and even enjoyed?


The Case for Corporate Film 


We have an insatiable appetite for video, and producers are responding. By 2021, it’s projected that 82% of all internet traffic will consist of video. (Check out the Mind of AGP blog, “Is Video Really As Important As Everyone Says It Is?” for more facts and figures).


You need videos because everyone else has videos. Herd mentality may not be the best argument, but you certainly don’t want to be left behind as your prospects and customers seek solutions from your competitors. Perhaps a more compelling reason is that this is your opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper emotional level, offering insights and answers, building trust and relationships, and differentiating yourself in your space.


Corporate film allows you to leverage this opportunity — when it is done effectively and with impact. When it is done differently.


Reimagining Corporate Film: Creative Ideas For Connecting With Your Audience 


Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing as you work with your video production company:


A New Twist


Nike is undoubtedly one of the world’s most effective advertisers, and it’s not because they sell a sexy product. It’s because they invariably convey passion by telling compelling stories. This is why we connect, why Nike spots can move us to deep emotion — and even move us to get off the couch.


People don’t buy the product or service. They buy the story. This is good news if you need to promote a… shall we say… less-than-thrilling offering. The City of Carmel, Indiana, for example, wanted to inform residents and visitors about parking throughout downtown, midtown, and the Arts & Design District. We know, we know. It’s important information. You need to know where to park so you don’t have to walk ten miles to Agave Mexican Bar & Grill. But do you really want to sit through five minutes of a city leader droning on about garages and spots?


We don’t either. AGP helped Carmel create a more compelling video. Take a look:



While Carmel is not a corporation, their goals are the same: to reach and connect with their audience, to essentially “sell” their city to residents, visitors, and businesses. When it comes to corporate video production, think of ways to convey your message differently and in a way that captures the attention of viewers.


Share Your Passion


Pierce the corporate veil, and let prospects and customers get a sense of the heart and humanity of your business. Why do you do what you do? Why should they care? And as always, think of ways to articulate this that are innovative, interesting, and unique.


In this APG-produced video for Sigma, a global nursing organization, the message is clear: Sigma cares about its members and offers world-leading educational and training opportunities. They could have their president or CEO say that (and it’ll sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher). But they chose to tell a story instead:



Education at all costs; this is how committed they are. Show your audience just how committed you are to delivering on your promises and bettering their lives.


Remember Who the Star Is


Here’s a hint: it is not you. The focus of your corporate film should be on the audience; they are the protagonists of the story. Your “star” should be someone with whom they can connect. And it may help if they’re adorable:



This is a different angle as children don’t normally take center stage in car commercials; but, remember, corporate film is most effective when you’re willing to diverge from the norm. We have a relatable parent trying to find a reliable, affordable vehicle, and her savvy kid is there to show us how Carplex works.


While corporate films showcasing your leadership can be effective, don’t be afraid to cast a wider net. With whom will your audience relate — Your customers? Your employees? Peers? — and who will help you tell your story, differently?


Hello, There


Not two seconds ago did we say that you were not the star of the show. Don’t disregard that entirely. You are not the star of every show, true. But including an introductory video in your corporate film repertoire is good practice. This gives targets an idea of who you are, how you work, and what it will be like to have a relationship with you. These play exceptionally well on social media, your blog, email campaigns; it’s a chance to maximize your video assets.


In this AGP-produced introducer for Section 127, we collaborated with the dynamic agency to highlight their energy, drive, and passion. As they say, “We don’t execute projects; we deliver an experience.” This video is the first step of that experience:



Show off your personality; define what makes you different; engage your audience with your energy.


Think Small


The idea of producing corporate film may seem overwhelming. Time-consuming. Expensive. Draining. It doesn’t have to be. Remember, we’re reimaging corporate video, and that starts with a process that is tailored to your goals, timelines, and budget.


Why not think small? When we worked with Strada Education Network, for instance, they wanted a lot of video content to share with their audience. But they also wanted to manage their time and costs effectively. We took advantage of a large event where all the key players would be, shot interviews, and over the course of two days, we had enough film for multiple videos.


It’s similar to our process with the City of Carmel: with a streamlined shooting schedule, we can help them create multiple videos for their “Carmel Minute” series. They can then leverage these across platforms, maximizing both their time and their budget.


A Different Approach to Corporate Film


Typical video production companies give you typical corporate films. Let’s redefine the entire concept. This is your chance to connect with your audience, tell your story, and drive them to action. AGP will help you seize it.