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Essential Elements Of Effective B2B Video Marketing

B2B marketing has some of the same components as business to consumer marketing. However, there are some important differences that make this type of marketing more of a challenge for many businesses in the Noblesville area to do on their own.

Hiring a specialized company to create effective B2B video marketing is a simple way to avoid common mistakes while creating an engaging and successful video marketing campaign. Through the use of social media platforms, including YouTube, LinkedIn, and company websites, video marketing reaches a significant audience. In the 2018 B2B Video Report, an estimated 62% of B2B marketers reporting the use of video formats, with this number rising each year.

What to Include

It is important for B2B video marketing to establish the business role as a leader and an authority in the industry. As video includes text, images, and voice, it is easier to convey this in a short period of time, leaving the majority of the video to focus on products and services offered.

Short Pieces of Relevant Information

A significant way that B2B video marketing is different from content marketing is the length of the presentation. The majority of B2B videos are under two minutes in length. While longer is possible, most viewers click off at about the two-minute mark without highly engaging topics and information.

In addition to this, working with an experienced B2B video marketing company helps your Noblesville business to choose the right platform for your marketing. This is critical in getting to your target audience and creating a memorable impression.