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Five Reasons To Start Video Marketing

To those of you that have sat at a green light for longer than three seconds while the person in front of you sits idle, you will probably recognize the following phrase:

“What are you waiting on?!”.

That is also the same question many marketing professionals and advertising specialists are asking themselves when looking at a company with no video assets. What are you waiting on?

As attentions dwindle and “Scroll Time” is a legitimate pastime in many people’s daily lives, it is now more important than ever to seize the one opportunity you have to get a prospect’s attention with your message and the power of video by showing, not telling. Do you need proof that we aren’t telling you to do something for your company just because we happen to provide the exact service we are telling you need? Let’s look at the last year of social media platform improvements and what has happened to transform the landscape of what is important in social messaging and branding.

  1. Twitter added video as one of their core products
  2. Facebook invested heavily into video creators and built an entire separate platform for just video with Facebook Watch.
  3. YouTube added more accessible share options to ensure their video platform continues to be number one.
  4. Instagram added their own Instagram TV to allow for creators and brands to upload original programming.
  5. LinkedIn added the ability to post videos to their platform.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to understand the difference between having a video on your website and a legitimate video content strategy and effective video marketing. It’s time to get creative and take advantage of the most incredible medium in our marketing ecosystem.

It’s time to create a true video marketing strategy.

So, what are you waiting on?

See how Adam Grubb Media takes your boring corporate video and turns it into a unique and powerful story of your brand.


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