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How a Behind-the-Scenes Video Can Spark Customer Loyalty

Why do you need a behind-the-scenes video? Sherpas.


It’s remarkable how people evolve and adapt to meet the challenges of their environments. Over centuries, for example, intrepid Sherpas developed the ability to convert more oxygen into energy, performing seemingly superhuman feats in an inhospitable landscape. Inuits’ genes evolved to slow down production of Omega-3s and 6s and lower LDL cholesterol, allowing them to eat an extremely high-fat diet and virtually no vegetables without suffering heart disease or diabetes.


And media-inundated consumers have developed finely-tuned BS filters while simultaneously decreasing their tolerance of disingenuous, fake, phoney, salesy messaging. We’re living in the age of authentic marketing, and your prospects and customers expect — demand — to see the real you. Show them.


Lift the Corporate Veil with Behind-the-Scenes Video


Consumers show a strong preference towards authentic goods and services, even if they are of lower quality, versus those they perceive as inauthentic, even if they are of higher quality. This is just as true of video content. While corporate video production value is clearly important, authenticity is critical.


This sense that a company is willing to get real, personal, and even vulnerable is what makes behind-the-scenes video so compelling and effective. It:


  • Lets consumers peak behind the curtain. Consumers don’t want products or services; not really. They want experiences. When you show them the inner workings of your business with BTS video, you invite them into the club, so to speak. They gain a deeper understanding of what you do, who does it, and, critically, why they do it.


  • Humanizes your company and builds trust. As Jeffrey Gitomer, author, speaker, trainer, sales guru, etc., etc., says, “All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends. And all things NOT so equal, people STILL want to do business with their friends.” If not “friends,” than at least people they trust! Behind-the-scenes video shows them the human side of your company, your personality, your passion.


  • Increases consumer loyalty. Sure, BTS video content is a marketing strategy, but more than that, it helps solidify relationships with existing customers. You can even feature customer or client stories so they feel like they’re part of the team. Doing so demonstrates the value you place in your customers and reinforces the idea that your raison d’être is them.


  • Is hard to fake or force. “Be yourself” is the most cliche, tired advice ever… so be yourself. Just show people what you do, whether it is a day in the life of an employee; a look at part of your process; a glimpse into a creative meeting; a happy customer explaining how you helped them enhance their life; or a time-lapse video of a process unfolding.


Whatever it is that you want to communicate with your audience, the key is authenticity. It doesn’t have to be flashy, shiny, or full of special effects; it just needs to be real.


Types of Behind-the-Scenes Video Content


How can you humanize your brand and bring your values, culture, and offerings to life for your prospects and customers? You know we have a few ideas:


Building the Relationship


In this Mind of AGP Behind the Video, we talk about the collaborative process involved in telling your story — differently — as well as the fun, dynamic experience we seek to deliver.  Sigma, the client in this BTS video, is a global nursing organization; they wanted to highlight their educational offerings and emphasize the value they can bring to these hard-working professionals. But they also wanted the content to be engaging, compelling, and unique.  Take a look at how we brought this vision to life.



Interviewing Your People


In this AGP-produced behind-the-scenes video for Holladay Construction Group, potential clients, partners, and employees get a sneak peak into the passion that makes HCG different. They build trust before they build beautiful buildings.



Showing the Process


Here, Reynolds Cycling takes us on a tour of its manufacturing process, explaining how — and why — they build innovative products for people who are passionate about bikes. You can tell that they’re just as passionate about their work!



Introducing the Culture 


Zendesk has some great brand video content, and their behind-the-scenes/business tour/culture footage is spot-on as usual. They manage to convey humor, personality, and key differentiators in a zippy format.



Think of ways you can introduce your audience to the real, authentic personality and identity.


Other behind-the-scenes video ideas:


  • Day-in-the-life. Follow a team member as they go about work.
  • Building or facility tour.
  • Preview upcoming products.
  • Demonstrating a service/product.
  • Capturing a live event.
  • GoPro footage of a product in action.

Give your audience more than soundbites and canned PR messages. Show them who you are.

Strengthen Your Video Marketing Strategy — and Results


We talked about the benefits of behind-the-scenes videos. Here’s one more: it’s among the easiest content to capture when it comes to video production. In many cases, it’s b-roll (that is, supplemental footage) that you can edit or repurpose for a BTS video. In others, it’s a matter of sitting down with an employee, partner, or customer for a few minutes or following someone around with a camera while they do what they do best.


You’re capturing the magic that is already happening, and we can make it even easier. You have stories to tell; let AGP help bring them to life.


Consumers have developed a sophisticated anti-BS filter. There’s no penetrating it, so the only solution is to deliver genuine, authentic content. Behind-the-scenes video is one powerful way to change your marketing and elevate your results.