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How to Hire a Corporate Videographer (The Right Way)

We love Apple, but they’ve managed to convince people that, with a shiny, slim, pricey piece of innovation, anyone can be a videographer. Point, shoot, slap on a filter you got from a 99¢ app, and done! But let’s ask ourselves a question: do you want a business asset that shows the same level of professionalism as the last cat video you watched? An experienced corporate videographer not only knows how to use the technical tools of their trade, but they also have the creative and artistic skills necessary to bring your story to life in a compelling, impactful way.


Videography is one of several key video production services that can empower your brand to reach its audience, connect, and drive action.


You Need a Non-Corporate Corporate Videographer 


If there’s something you hear us say time and time again (besides “Your Story. Told Differently”), it’s that corporate video doesn’t need to be so “corporate.” The right videographer helps bring your story to life — without falling into the trap of depending on executive soundbites, boring office shots, or typical features/benefits spiels.


Hey Google: Find Me a Good Corporate Videographer 


You’re going to ask business associates and friends for video production company referrals, but you’re also going to turn to Google as you search for the right corporate videographer. Scrutinize:


  • Examples of Their Work. Samples of their video content will give you insight into their style, area(s) of expertise, range, and, of course, the quality of their corporate videos.


  • Their website. This is the digital version of a first impression. Is the videographer’s website easy to navigate? Visually appealing? Does it load quickly? Does the content reinforce this as a trusted, authoritative professional?


  • Their online persona. Review their social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business. Do they align with the persona they convey on their website? Are they engaging with their followers? Do they communicate effectively?


  • Their reviews. You’ll find nuggets that won’t be present on their website or social profiles. Clients will discuss everything from the videographer’s skills in communication to their punctuality.


Were they able to adapt to unavoidable changes in the production schedule (e.g. inclement weather)? Did they respond promptly to messages and answer questions clearly?


Or did they fall apart when Mother Nature didn’t play along? Did they fail to come up with a Plan B and C? Did they leave clients hanging when they needed to get in touch with them? Was their project overschedule or over budget? Did it end up looking like the aforementioned cat video?


Consider the glowing reviews just as carefully as you do the red flags.


  • The practicalities. Creative vision aside, there are some practicalities to consider, including:


  • Proximity to your business. Logistically, it’s often easier to find a videographer close to your location. There are a few benefits: they’ll know the area (and all the great spots to shoot), the processes for permissions/licenses to film locally, if applicable, and you won’t have to pay for travel/accommodation expenses.


However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile — or rather, have them go the extra mile to get to you — then you can significantly expand your possibilities and find the right fit. In other words, it’s up to you and your budget. Which brings us to the next point:



When discussing price, ask about the video production services the videographer is capable of delivering; do they have a team they can call on for creative, pre-production, filming, post-production, editing, distribution, and other aspects needed to create your video? An inclusive “package,” if you will, can help you maximize your budget, and the results you can expect from your professional video.


Develop a shortlist of high-quality candidates, and prepare to grill them!


Interviewing Corporate Videographers 


Even if you’re not well-versed incorporate video, you are an expert on your company. What can a videographer bring to the table? Ask:



AGP offers industry-leading corporate videography as part of our overall services; we know how important it is to capture the stories behind your business in a compelling way. Investigate us, grill us, view our work, ask us questions. And then let’s get to work telling your story. Differently.

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