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How to Win at Experiential Marketing with Video






Feel like this when you’re trying to make a sale?


The hard sell is incredibly difficult, but here’s the good news: it doesn’t work anyway, so you can focus your efforts elsewhere. And stop getting beat up (metaphorically) by consumers.


Experiential marketing prioritizes the experiences that people can expect to have with your brand and its products/services. It is the most effective way to capture the interest, emotions, and ultimately wallets, of today’s prospects and customers.


Benefits of Experiential Marketing


It’s 2019: we need to update our marketing approach. Consumers don’t want to be sold to or advertised to or badgered with features and benefits. They want to be told a story.


No. That’s not quite right either. They don’t want to play a passive role in the process. They want to participate in a story, engage with it, and be moved by it.


Lean Cuisine did this masterfully with their #WeighThis experience. Traditionally, the brand’s messaging centered on weight loss. But it’s 2019: they updated their approach.


In New York’s Grand Central Station, they invited women to “weigh in” and created a gallery of scales. But the scales didn’t measure pounds. They asked women to write down how they wanted to be weighed. Back in college at 55. Being the sole provider for four sons. Caring for 200 homeless children every day.


While the campaign was clearly branded, the participants did not interact with Lean Cuisine products directly. The message wasn’t the typical,  “Eat this, lose weight, win at life.” It was, “Yes, we make products that help you live a healthy lifestyle — but don’t forget about all of your accomplishments that cannot be measured with a scale.”


The gallery told a powerful story, and even in the midst of hurried, harried NYC, people stopped and listened.



People buy on emotion and justify with logic. Hard sells target the rational side with lists of features and benefits. Experiential marketing, on the other hand, makes an appeal to the emotional side — 95% of our purchase decisions take place subconsciously — and:


  • Engages prospects and customers
  • Achieves earlier and deeper brand recognition
  • Improves message retention
  • Builds relationships
  • Establishes trust and affinity
  • Increases customer loyalty


People buy stories. They buy experiences. Are you leveraging this potential to build your brand?


How Video Impacts Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is often associated with events and live, physical experiences. Integrating video into the mix allows you to expand your reach and maximize your impact. While Grand Central sees about 750,000 people pass through each day, for example, Lean Cuisine sent the message with video as well, engaging exponentially more.


Video is an immersive way for prospects and customers to experience your brand — on their terms and on their timelines.


Different types of experiential video you can produce and promote:


  • Behind the Scenes
  • Day-in-the-Life
  • How-It’s-Made
  • First-Looks at New Products
  • Tips/Tricks
  • Live Streams of Events/Launches.


Experiential video humanizes your brand, giving you the ideal platform with which to engage your audience on an emotional level.


Best Examples of Experiential Video


Let’s dig in. Some great experiential marketing videos to inspire you:


Behind the Scenes: AGP


Here’s what it’s like to work with AGM and create a video that tells your story, differently.


Behind the Scenes videos immerse your audience in your brand with great transparency.


Product Launch: Chevy 2017 Bolt EV Launch


In 2016, Chevy live streamed their launch of the all electric Bolt EV. The video allowed people to see it in real-time (or on their time); it’s racked up over 59,000 views and 459 shares on Facebook.




Get people excited about a new product or service. You may not have tens of thousands of views — but you can engage the people who matter.


Tips and Tricks: Benefit Cosmetics


In this “Tipsy Tricks” video, the hosts offer viewers some helpful makeup tricks to go from “desk to dancefloor instantly” — with the help of some rosé. It gives people the experience of sitting down with the brand, chatting, and getting prettied up for the evening.



What wisdom can you drop on your audience?


How It’s Made: Toblerone


Toblerone takes viewers on a tour of its facility and takes them into the chocolate-making process. Yum.



Give your audience insight into the how and the why of what you do.


Day in the Life: National Geographic


In this film, we see a day in the life of a lighthouse keeper. Beautifully shot and largely silent (he’s an island of one, after all), it’s a fascinating glimpse into his life.


Whether your CEO or someone who’s been on the floor for 20 years, consumers want authenticity. Show them what you do and the people who do it.


Experiential marketing takes your audience on a deeper dive into your brand, appealing to their emotions. With AGP, you can seize the opportunity to reach and connect with the right people at the right times.