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Improve Your Employer Brand with Employee Training Videos

What’s the hardest part of starting a new job? Learning your role? Getting to know your coworkers? Figuring out who to report to — and who to ask when you need help? Finding the best spots for lunch? No. It’s watching those mind-numbing employee training videos. It’s a weird ritual when you think about it: “We’re so glad you’re here! Now, sit back and let us sap every ounce of excitement, energy, and original thought from your brain for the next few hours.” It doesn’t have to be like this. There is a better way.


Compelling Employee Training Videos — Yes, It’s Possible


Not only is it possible to create interesting and engaging employee training videos, it’s mission critical. These assets should be as captivating and brand-forward as your marketing videos.


In today’s business environment, building a strong and competitive employer brand is a must if you want to attract and retain the best and brightest. You establish and nurture your culture, and your reputation, from the inside out; this starts with the way you recruit, onboard, train, develop, and treat your people:


  • 78% of job candidates say that their overall hiring/onboarding experience is an indicator of how much a company values its people.
  • Building a strong employer brand can reduce turnover by 28%.
  • Most (80%) talent acquisition managers say that employer branding has a “significant” impact on their ability to hire the right talent.
  • Companies with a negative reputation spend at least 10% more per hire.
  • 64% of consumers will stop buying from a brand if they hear that the company treats employees poorly.
  • 86% of HR pros say that recruitment is becoming more like marketing.
  • Almost half (49%) of employers think that they do not have the tools to enhance their employer brand. (Source: https://everyonesocial.com/blog/employer-branding-statistics/)
  • Employees with a negative onboarding experience are twice as likely to seek new opportunities. (Source: https://www.saplinghr.com/blog/10-employee-onboarding-statistics-you-must-know-in-2019)


The statistics tell us a few different stories. For one, there is a war for talent, and it shows no sign of armistice. The construction, education, health services, IT, financial services, manufacturing, leisure, hospitality, and retail industries are being hit especially hard. Competition for workers is fierce, and to win, you need to stand apart as an employer of choice.


If you don’t deliver a positive employee experience  — and this is the other key story — you risk burning bridges with consumers. They’ll turn away from you if you do not have a strong employer brand and if you do not treat your employees as valued assets. As people.


There is also a story of opportunity:


  • Companies with standardized onboarding and effective training programs for new hires report higher employee engagement and 50% higher new-hire productivity.
  • Great onboarding can boost retention by 88%.
  • Only 20% of new employees recommend their company to friends/family members after onboarding. By delivering a standout experience, you can be the one in five.


The numbers tell compelling stories; it’s time that your business does the same.


Producing Employee Training Videos with Flavor 


Effective employee training has to reach your team, whether they’re in the office, on the production floor, or across the country or world. Learning and development initiatives have to keep up with changing regulations, adapt to new processes, and integrate new technologies. Video training is the ideal format as it is easy to distribute across platforms — and time zones.


Employee training videos are meant to educate and inform. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to introduce new hires to your culture. Think about the lessons you need for employees to learn. How can you present them in new, fresh, and engaging ways?


Burger King: Special Guest Trainer 


To whet your appetite, let’s start with Burger King. BK wanted to introduce a new menu item (hot dogs) to its employees. Who better than Snoop Dogg to do the honors?







We’re not sure what Snoop’s rate is, but if you can get him for your training videos, by all means. If not, the takeaway here is that you can use an irreverent, humorous tone to convey your message.


Tesco: Superstar Produce Guy


How do you emphasize the importance of great customer service and commitment to the job? Major UK grocery chain, Tesco, created a training video that incorporates some fun graphics and a superstar fruit and veg team member. Is it cheesy? Absolutely. So? They had a little fun; it’s acceptable.



Pagliacci Pizza: This Is How You Do It


You don’t become known for serving Seattle’s best slice without knowing how to hand toss pizza dough. Here, the technique is demonstrated in a clear, step-by-step way. We tried it; it does work.



Bonus: Pagliacci popped this baby on YouTube, and it’s racked up more than 327,000 views. People love explainer videos — if it’s a topic in which they are interested! Good training, good exposure, and a great example of how you can maximize the impact of your videos and make them work as hard, and as smart, for you as possible.


Another bonus and a complete aside: Wendy’s, circa 1990. Their training materials are classics today. Not because they’re so stellar, but because they are so unbelievably bad. They just really put it all out there with raps and Paula Abdul-inspired songs about soft drinks. Just give your mind a vacation for a few minutes; it’ll be worth it.



Video Is a Critical Part of Your Employee Training Program


Getting back to the 21st century and to our point: employee training videos can be informative and compelling. In fact, they must be. It is imperative that your people learn the lessons they need and have a positive onboarding experience.


The videos we shared with you here are short examples and show simple concepts. You will also need longer form content with more intensive or complex topics. Even so, you can still infuse them with your company’s personality and story, reaching your people on a deeper level and creating essential buy-in.

What About the Big Issues?


We have mentioned a few key attributes of compelling employee training videos: personality, humor, irreverence, Snoop Dogg, etc. But when you need to tackle sensitive, and potentially litigious, issues like sexual harassment, workplace violence, workplace bullying, and workplace injury, we recommend avoiding levity. This can convey the impression that you do not take these topics seriously.


Remember, you are building your employer brand; discrimination, harassment, bullying, violence, etc., can become insidious components of a culture, and it is essential that you do not unintentionally foster this type of atmosphere.


There are ways to impart the information you need employees to know in terms of the legalities and the behaviors which your company finds unacceptable, while being cognizant of the delivery method and the message you’re implicitly sending to employees. We can help you find this balance and create effective training materials.


Employee Training Videos That Work as Hard As Your People


When it comes to corporate video production, put the same level of creative and strategic thought into your employee training videos as you do into your marketing assets. You are, after all, trying to sell talent and new hires on your business. Engage them from day 1.


AGP’s unique approach to video storytelling is a perfect fit. We’ll work with you to determine what you need your people to know — and how to deliver learning that is effective, builds your employer brand, and creates excitement for the job at hand. It’s possible. It’s necessary. Let’s get to work.