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Is Video Really as Important as Everyone Says It Is?



Next question.

This succinct answer may not be enough to persuade the C-suite or budget decision-makers! What will convince them that video is an essential component of your brand’s marketing efforts? Evidence. Hard facts. Compelling videos.

Video Explosion

What do you drive to work? A car, truck, or SUV, right? You’re not rolling in with your horse and buggy. Roads were paved, cars took over. It’s the same with video: while it’s not going to replace text or images entirely, it is going to dominate. The road is paved, so to speak, for your brand to leverage a faster, more efficient, more effective mode of conveyance for your message.

Buckle up:

It’s here; it’s big; it’s only going to get bigger.

Consumers love video. Here’s why your brand should too:

Search Engine Optimization and Traffic

You know who else loves video? Google.  When video is properly optimized with targeted keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, etc., it is 50 times more likely to land on the first page of Google’s search results  (90% of searchers never go to page two), and it generates 157% more organic search traffic. 

If you create an engaging video, people spend more time on your site; this increases “dwell” time. It’s another signal to Google that your content is valuable to searchers. 

While search algorithms are complex and include hundreds of ranking factors, the bottom line is that search engines want to deliver the most relevant results to users — and that’s video.


One-third of all online time is spent watching video; and almost half of us spend an hour or more each week watching Facebook and YouTube videos. Why? It’s engaging! 


Our voracious appetite for video does not end with pure entertainment; we also want information. According to HubSpot research, more than half of us want to see more videos from brands. 

Today’s consumers do not want a sales pitch; they want to research and learn on their own. In fact, many are 70% or more of the way through the buyer’s journey before they connect with a salesperson or customer rep. A hard sell doesn’t work. Information and education does.

Another reason video is critical is because… it’s effective. When reading text, the average person retains about 10% of the information. When watching video, that jumps to 95%. Your message has lasting impact.

Bottom Line Results

The impact of video extends to your bottom line. As mentioned, viewers’ purchase decisions are directly influenced by video. Additionally:

Video marketing provides a strong ROI. As consumers increasingly rely on video for everything from entertainment to education, it is only going to become more important that your brand leverage the medium — and the power of your own stories.


Facts and stats not enough? According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. So we’ll let these show you how vital video can be in achieving your key business-building goals:





From the story of a nurse to the story of a nation, video delivers your message while eliciting the emotions you want your audience to feel. Communicate. Educate. Connect.

Is video really as important as everyone says it is? No. It’s more important.