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Micro-Video Content

You are sitting in your seat, looking at Instagram, glancing at your phone every 9 seconds and wishing for the afternoon break of the content conference to come sooner than later. A voice echos through the over-amplified speaker system, “Micro is not the same as long form but can be just as impactful if not more in some cases.” You see a few head  shakes of agreement from the same people that shake their heads anytime the speaker says something “new”. Then a decision that will haunt you the rest of your week at that Hyatt, you ask without prompting, “What is micro-video? ”


It’s ok. Most in that room don’t know and in fact most marketing professionals haven’t fully grasped the concept of video marketing, lvine logoet alone different platforms of the same content. So let’s dig into that and give you an advantage the next time you get into an argument with somebody at Starbucks about the pronunciation of the word GIF.


Micro-video content, in a traditional marketing sense, was started by a social platform called Vine. It was brought to market in 2012, a lifetime ago in media, and quickly became one of the leaders in video content and a win for Twitter which acquired it months before its official launch.  A 6-second looping video made up of songs, magic, silliness and jokes from celebrities and normal people. It seemed to make little sense to many but amassed a huge following and its purpose lingers within most social networks today in some fashion.

According to most research the average attention span of most people is between 7-10 seconds unless you are still reading this then we just bumped that average up (you’re welcome research community). With the advent of this network the early adopter businesses started creating fun and engaging content in the shortest time imaginable to get across a brand message. This strategy continues to gain momentum for all marketers by using “Vine stars” (yes that is a real thing) and having these influencers do a video with their brands products in unique ways.

This is where some creativity, market awareness and ability to stretch the limits of your mission statement could drive some serious engagement, cool factor and conversions to your site. Start with long form then shorten it, then micro it and turn one video into five or six unique pieces of content.

Invoke an emotion in any time frame and your brand has won.