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Our Video Production Services

How many times in the past year, month, week have you said to yourself, “We really need a video for that!” To showcase a product announcement, a grand opening, a fundraiser. To highlight your people and culture for potential employees. To liven up your Instagram Story. To reach B2B prospects and customers on LinkedIn. The list goes on and on – and yes, you do need a video for that! Stop saying it; start making it happen. AGP’s video production services are designed to meet your needs, and more importantly, to tell your story. Differently.

Who We Are


How many times in the past year, month, week have you said to yourself, “We really need a video for that — and we’d love for it to be just like everyone else’s! You know, sort of a standard features/benefits script that borders on mind numbing?”


Zero, people. Zero is the right answer. Of course you don’t want your video to blend into the noise or, worse, to completely disengage those who gave it a shot and clicked “Play.” That isn’t who you are. And that isn’t who we are.


Who are we? AGP’s diverse team of filmmakers, writers, cinematographers, videographers, and creative thinkers doesn’t specialize in “corporate” video. We specialize in compelling stories that capture the heart and soul of your brand.


Yes, they’re designed for companies and organizations. Yes, they can be focused on products or services. Yes, the goal is to drive action. But, no, they’ not staid, boring, artificial, or off-putting. Your video will be different, distinctive, creative, and impactful. That’s the difference that will make a significant difference to your brand.


What We Do: AGP’s Video Production Services


We’re not just a video production company; we are a video media company. While production is one of our key video production services, our approach also incorporates strategy and implementation. It’s not enough to produce a video — not even a great video. If it doesn’t align with your overall strategy and/or if it doesn’t reach the right people at the right times… you’re wasting your resources, time, and energy.


How many times have you said to yourself… “We need a video that works”?


Strategy: Start with a Plan


Did you watch a video online today? Pop over to YouTube to watch your favorite artists’ new video or catch a quick how-to for that leaky faucet? View an Instagram story from a friend? Watch a brand video on Facebook?


Probably. We watch 5 billion videos on YouTube and consume 100 million hours on Facebook every single day. And those are just two platforms. By 2021, experts predict that video will account for 81% of all internet traffic.


While we have an insatiable appetite for video, there is also an endless buffet from which we are able to choose. Your videos need to stand out, make an impact, and drive you towards your business goals. You need a plan.


  • How will your video and its message align with your overall strategy?
  • Who is your target audience? What do they need and want?
  • What type of emotion do you want to elicit?
  • How will you deliver your message for maximum impact (e.g. explainers, culture, live, interviews, FAQs, reviews, customer success stories, etc.).
  • What do you want your audience to do? What’s your call to action (CTA)?
  • How are you going to distribute the video so it lands in front of the right people at the right times?


Without a video strategy, any success your video achieves will be accidental — and short-lived.


AGP helps your team develop a plan, customized to your needs. We analyze your current videos (if any), identify gaps, unearth the powerful stories that are often hidden in plain sight, and create a targeted strategy for sharing them with your audience.


Strategy doesn’t limit creativity; it allows it to flourish. Reach, connect, and move viewers to action.


Video Production: Drive Action


Put strategy into action. Production is one (critical) piece of the overall video marketing puzzle. Think of it like this: imagine you’re building a house. Your architect designs the structure and ensures it will meet your needs in terms of efficiency, practicality, comfort, durability, cost, and style.


Your contractor, crew, plumber, and electrician bring this vision to life by putting hammer to nail, so to speak. Effective video producers have the skill to interpret the creative and artistic vision and bring it to life with technical expertise.


Now, how many times have you said, “We need a video… but it’s too expensive. It’s too time-consuming. I’m not a star.” Overcoming video production misconceptions is a crucial part of the process. AGP offers scaled video and story packages, allowing your business — even your small business — to leverage the power of video.


We are with you throughout all the stages of your video project, from pre-production to post-production; it’s our job to ensure the process is streamlined, collaborative, positive, fun, and, most importantly, effective in helping you reach your brand-building goals.


Video Management: Put Assets to Work


AGP’s video management services answer the question: “What’s next?” What do you do with your existing content and/or that which our team helped you produce?


Leveraging your videos in multiple ways and across multiple channels allows you to maximize your reach, your marketing initiatives, and your return on investment. Just a few ways you can put that content to work:


  • Integrate them into blog posts.
  • Add them to whitepapers, articles, eBooks, and other longform content.
  • Share it on social media.
  • Put them on your landing pages.
  • Use them with your email marketing campaigns.
  • Offer it to prospects/customers as exclusive content.


AGP’s content management team creates and manages your channels, from YouTube to Instagram, to get the right content in front of the right people at the right times. Don’t let your compelling stories wither away, hidden on your website or buried under piles of competitors’ content in the search results pages. You’ve put a lot of work into creating a great video: now let it work for you.


Corporate Video People Actually Want to Watch


Our goal is to make corporate video non-corporate. We want to move past typical corporate-speak, recitations of features and benefits, and PR-vetted scripts full of soundbites. When you tell your story — differently — you can connect with your audience on an emotional level. You create videos that people truly want to watch and, at the same time, drive traffic, engagement, and revenue.


AGP specializes in:


Corporate Storytelling


People are hard-wired for story. It’s communication, it’s connection. One video, one compelling story, has the power to change how people perceive your brand. If you tell it with authentic emotion, with passion, with humor, with humanity.


AGP works with you to dig through the dirt and unearth the stories that set you apart from your competitors — and distinguish your videos from the countless hours of media with which your audience is constantly bombarded. We explore the who’s, why’s, how’s, and what-for’s of your business and turn them into impactful videos.


Depending on your message, and your strategy, your corporate story may take the form of:


  • Promotional Videos.
  • Live Events and Product Launches.
  • Explainers.
  • FAQs.
  • Interviews.
  • Customer success stories/testimonials.
  • Behind-the-Scenes.
  • Culture and Brand Films.
  • Training videos.
  • Social Media.
  • Nonprofit Storytelling.


Ditch the pitch. Corporate storytelling and promotional video shouldn’t focus on the hard sell. When you’re real, authentic, genuine, and raw, prospects and customers essentially sell themselves on your company or organization. Turn them into believers.


In this AGP-produced corporate story, the Holladay Construction Group team discusses a major project. Building the Grand Park Events Center was not only a massive undertaking, it was a labor of love. You can hear the passion and commitment from these folks — and the excitement they have for its impact on the community. It’s corporate storytelling in action.


Corporate Films

Gather ‘round, ya’ll: we’re going to watch a corporate film!


That’s our reaction too. Corporate videos are, far too often, staid, boring, and uninspired. Do those adjectives describe your business? We didn’t think so! You’re dynamic, energetic, innovative, committed to your customers and/or community. You’ve got exciting stories; don’t hide them under layers of corporate speak and blatant sales pitches.

AGP’s video production services include “Corporate Film” but we prefer to think of them as engaging micro-movies that tell a compelling story in minutes. Rather than lull your audience to sleep, you startle them into paying attention. You also build trust, create an emotional connection, drive action.


Take a look at this AGP-produced micro-movie. We worked with Sigma, an international nursing organization, to tell a story. They could have said, “We are Sigma; we are completely committed to your education and advancement in the nursing field and offer exceptional training opportunities.” Jeff Goldblum is yawning again.


Instead, they trusted us to tell their story, differently. “Education At All Costs” shows just how dedicated Sigma’s instructors are to their students. It’s humorous, a little absurd… and impactful.


Differentiate yourself from the competition. Make a statement that not only reaches your audience, but compels them to act.


Customer Success Stories


Do you trust brands? Or do you trust people like Noe?


Less than half of Americans trust business as an institution, and 83% trust peer reviews and recommendations over branded messages. This means you have to work harder to build trust. Or smarter.


When we see the real people with real challenges who are impacted positively by a product or service, whose lives have been made easier, better, more convenient… it resonates in a way a list of features and benefits or a rehearsed spiel simply cannot.


Word-of-mouth advertising is more potent than ever; the digital landscape gives consumers a variety of options through which to air their concerns, publish their displeasure, or voice their support. And their words are given tremendous weight by their peers. You can leverage that power by showcasing customer success stories.


Typical case studies can be perceived as disingenuous; after all, you can skew statistics to tell the story you want. But this is not the story your customers and prospects want. They want real. They want authentic. They want raw. They want Noe.


With AGP, you’ll be able to take a close look at your customers’ challenges and communicate how you helped solve it. You’ll be able to show (not just tell) how you, your product, or your service made a difference. And that, our friends, is what makes you different.


Social Videos


Your boss is Twitter. Your Grandma’s on Facebook. Your friends are on Instagram and LinkedIn. Your best friend’s uncle’s brother’s wife is on Pinterest.. Everyone’s social. Three-quarters of the US population uses at least one social media network. So, basically, it’s just the infants and toddlers who are abstaining at this point.


Social media and video is a natural fit – and a significant opportunity for your business. Consider that:


  • 65% of people turn to YouTube to solve a problem.
  • Social posts featuring video generate 48% more views.
  • 62% of consumers say they’re more interested in products after seeing them in a Facebook Story.
  • Social videos see 1200% more shares than posts with text and image. (Source)
  • In LinkedIn feeds, videos are shared 20 times more than other types of content.
  • 49% of consumers have viewed a video on IGTV. (Source)


AGP offers an exclusive monthly social media video package that fits both your production style and your budget. We will develop platform-specific content and manage your assets so you connect with the people who matter.


Social media is a cluttered world; there is an endless stream of everything from the profound to the inane — and, often, a combination of both. You need to stand out, and your videos need to compel your target audience to stop for a moment, to view, to contemplate, to comment, to share, and to consider you as the solution for which they’ve been searching.


Social videos are, by their nature, short snapshots into your brand or organization. They’re succinct, shareable micro-movies that convey a clear message that strikes a chord with the folks watching. This is just what the City of Carmel does, with help from AGP.


The Carmel Minute series features city leaders talking about key issues, from financial planning and revitalization projects to taxes and potholes. Each video is, of course, about a minute in length and delivers the information that residents need to stay informed. Take a minute to check one out:


Go beyond “likes.” AGP will help you generate the engagement, interaction, and results you need to move your business to the next level.


Why Choose a Full-Service Video Production Company


Are you telling the right stories? Are people watching your videos? How do you ensure they’re being distributed on the right channels? Are they working?


When your business’s survival and growth are on the line, you ask yourself these questions all the time. They may even keep you up at night. Working with a full-service video production company doesn’t guarantee a good night’s sleep — but it sure can help.


It’s not about producing a video for your business. Anyone can do that. It’s about telling a compelling story, or series of stories, that both establish connection and trust with your audience and compels them to action.


AGP carefully aligns your video content with your overall strategy, uncovers your most riveting stories, delivers the highest quality production capabilities, and helps you manage these assets for maximum impact. We deliver end-to-end service — but we do more than that. We become an extension of your team, forging a collaborative partnership based on our desire to see your business succeed.


If you want to tell your story differently, you need a different type of partner. In addition to video production services, consider the before and after of your content. How can it work as hard, and as smart, for you as possible? This is the question AGP can help you answer.



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