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What We Did


They didn’t want just a tour video of their Studio E showroom, so they turned to AGM.



Details of the Story

The Transition from Showroom to Home


Estridge Homes knew a typical showroom tour wouldn’t do. They envisioned something deeper, a video that captured the emotional resonance of crafting a dream home. It wouldn’t just showcase finishes; it would weave a narrative, following a homeowner on their journey of selecting materials, envisioning their future space, and ultimately, the joy of creating a home that reflects their unique style. This emotional connection would resonate with viewers, inspiring them to embark on their own Estridge journey.


We filmed a homeowner exploring the design center, as their dream home takes shape. Then, the magic happens as seamless edits whisk viewers from design selection to their finished space. This powerful connection between choosing and having? We captured it beautifully. Upbeat music and sharp editing kept the video engaging, leaving viewers not just informed, but emotionally invested. 

Their Words

“You all totally killed it. I have zero edits and love it so much. I know you worked an extremely long day to make this happen and we are so thankful.”

Devon Bloxom​​​​, Director of Sales & Marketing, Estridge Homes

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