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Small Company? Make a Big Impact with Your Business Video

We all love Geico commercials. And the insurance company isn’t shy about spending $1.18 billion annually to ensure that we have “15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance” branded into our subconscious. Ford, Samsung, Alphabet (Google’s parent company), and Verizon all have $2.5 billion advertising budgets, and Nike just does it to the tune of $3.58 billion.

So… how’s your budget looking in comparison?


Major national and international brands have the luxury of virtually unlimited marketing and advertising resources. Fortunately, you already have the secret weapon for effective business videos — even if your spend is a fraction of a fraction of these corporations. Your stories.


You also have the benefit of learning from the video prowess of big brands so that you, too, can make a big impact on your audience.


Think Big


Brands like Nike have figured out a key ingredient for success: stop focusing on features and benefits, and start telling stories. Look at any Nike ad ever, and this is what they do consistently — and with great impact. We don’t hear about the material a basketball shoe is made of or how a shirt’s fabric wicks away moisture.


We watch athletes, famous and everyday folks, training, running, jumping, playing, sweating, struggling, triumphing. At the very end, we see that iconic swoosh, and we know. It’s Nike.


The takeaway for your brand: don’t confine yourself. Don’t believe that a “business video” must be your CEO, president, owner, or manager rattling off the mission statement or listing the features of your products/services. Leads and customers can find this information on your website and in your brochures. They watch your videos for more.


In this AGP-produced video for Sigma, we help the global nursing organization tell a tale of hard work, dedication, compassion, and caring. Sigma doesn’t besiege its viewers with a laundry list of features/benefits details that they can find elsewhere. They show their differentiators and solutions through one nurse’s story.


Visualize Success 


Captivating visuals do not have to drain your budget. Capture the heart and soul of your brand, and you’ll convey your passion to audiences. In this Carplex commercial, leads and customers can see the high quality cars, can envision themselves behind the wheel, and — instead of dreaming about a car they cannot afford — they can realistically picture themselves driving away in a reliable vehicle.


This ad took about a day to shoot and cost $5000. Believing that quality is out of reach will only restrict your brand’s marketing efforts — and impede your results.


Take a (Strategic) Risk


Any video production company out there can create a standard corporate video. Anyone can shoot your C-suite or president spouting canned lines. If that’s what you want, all right. But if you want something different, if you want to stand out, you need a partner that thinks big.


AGP’s creative team draws a great deal of inspiration, and ideas, from national brand films. Nike. Geico. Coke. Always. What if we could create a video that is as captivating — and which fits your scale and scope? We can. We extract your stories and tell them in ways you, and your customers, haven’t thought of before.


Our team becomes an extension of your team. We want to feel that, for a day or two, we’re part of your company. We know your people; we believe in your products/services; we feel your passion.  And we tell a story so your audience feels that too.


It never occurs to many small businesses that they can accomplish feats on par with national brands. They believe that high level creativity is reserved for companies with astronomical budgets. It’s time to think bigger, think better, and start producing videos that reach people on an emotional level.