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Social Media Videos: What Makes a Good Video?

Social media videos are a valuable tool for many business owners. They provide a way not just to sell products or services but to build a brand’s image. They also create a way for a company to engage with their clients to get information about their needs or pain points or sometimes just to help customers know how you can help them.

So, What Makes a Good Video?

Various factors create good social media videos. That includes a video designed for your specific needs (branding, new product launches, marketing campaigns, or others). As you look beyond the actual theme, ask yourself a few questions.

Does the social media videos you are creating help to get people to stop and watch for a few minutes? What type of imagery is best for your audience? You also want to ask questions about what competitors are doing.

Key Features to Think About

Social media videos should communicate a clear message but in a clever way. They are often some of the best storytelling videos since people want to learn something without the sales language. These videos should also provide clear insight into what makes the company who it is. What is your brand mission? What do you believe in?

Social media videos that are created well can offer a wide range of opportunities for companies. That includes helping to answer important questions prospective customers have. At the same time, these videos should create a way to interact with others, including through their sharing potential.