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Storytelling: The New Normal



The average adult spends over 11 hours a day watching, listening to, reading, and interacting with media. That only leaves 13 hours for ordering takeout and sleeping, so it’s clear that we’re time-crunched. The amount of content to which we are exposed is staggering, and most fails to penetrate the first layer of consciousness: it’s in one ear and out the other.


How do you make an impact? You tell your story. Differently. Storytelling is the new marketing normal.


Don’t Make a “Corporate Video” — Produce a Film


One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is the perception of what a corporate video must be. It doesn’t need to be features and benefits. It doesn’t need to be your CEO, CFO, or Director of This or That reading from a PR-vetted script.


Instead, treat your project like you’re making a film. Find the nuggets that make your company different and special. Dig through the dirt and uncover the stories that distinguish you from the competition.


A documentary-style approach, for example, gives your leads and customers insight into your company; it helps them see how you work, why you do what you do, and what it would be like to partner with you.


Take a look at this AGM Behind the Video:


Here, viewers get a clear sense of the fun and energy of an AGM shoot, as well as the collaboration that is integral to the production process. We’re not telling you, “Hey, we’re fun. We collaborate.” We show you with a story. What do you need and want to show your prospects and customers/clients?


Cast Your Characters


We talk about characters frequently. After all, every story needs a hero. And it’s not you! It’s your people, your customers, your community. Find them, and cast them in a starring role. That employee who’s been on the floor for 25 years or that new grad who adds innovative ideas to the mix — they have stories worth sharing, and they’re often ones that your C-Suite or upper management haven’t heard before.


When you can capture their authentic voices, you can connect with your audience. This is what Holladay Construction Group does with their video:


You can hear and see the pride coming through and, in terms of recruitment, why wouldn’t skilled people want to work for this company? It’s a team, a family, and they have created a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and support that is a true differentiator.


“Normal” Doesn’t Mean “Typical”


Though storytelling is the new normal, it doesn’t mean your stories have to be typical. Consider brands like Nike, Gatorade, or Coca-Cola. When we watch their brand films, we feel something. They’ve become masters at eliciting emotion. Corporate video should follow the same path.


You may not be selling sneakers (but, really, is Nike selling sneakers with their ads? No! They’re selling perseverance, grit, hard work, triumph). Take a cue from consumer-facing brands and tell a story in a way that prompts people to watch, to feel, and to take action.


This is ultimately the point of any sales and marketing collateral you put on the marketplace: it must have an objective; it must serve a purpose; and it must make you money. To do that, you have to break through the media deluge and make an impact.


Telling your story — differently — is an opportunity to make one minute, two minutes, five minutes out of 11 hours of media interaction much more potent and powerful for your viewers. Seize it.