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The Benefits of B2B Video Marketing

The Benefits of B2B Video Marketing

A large majority of marketers say that business-to-business or B2B video marketing gives their company a positive return on investment or ROI. Many marketers are afraid to try video, because they think that it’s too pricey or too hard to measure the return on investment.

But B2B video marketing has so many benefits for your business. Here are some of the top benefits of B2B video marketing in Noblesville:

  • Video improves search rankings. You probably noticed that the video results often appear near the top of the page in Google searches. A simple Google search for “video marketing,” for example, shows video results in the second spot on the first page of the search results. That means that if you aren’t publishing any video content, you are missing out on some free exposure. That being said, when you do create and publish your video content, it’s so important to use search engine optimization or SEO best practices to create and upload your videos.
  • Video improves demand generation. Video can be an amazing tool for engaging your target audience and helping with your lead generation efforts. Research shows that the large majority of companies landed new customers because of videos on social media. Incorporating video content into your website homepage, landing pages, and product pages boosts the average amount of time that your audience spends on a page on your website. Most video marketers say that video directly aided them in boosting their sales. You are much more likely to boost your number of conversions when you keep your viewers as engaged as possible. One of the top ways to get leads from video marketing is to develop a valuable webinar that asks visitors to sign up. You automatically get leads when these visitors sign up for the webinar. Another way to get leads is to add a call to action or CTA to your video content and redirect your prospects to other conversion points like booking a demonstration, signing up for a trial, or downloading free content.
  • Video helps account-based marketing (ABM). One of the top focuses in marketing today is towards more personalized account-based marketing or ABM strategies. We recommend sending your prospects personalized content in a video format if your company is targeting particular prospects. You can also add video content to your email messages as another way to get noticed, especially if you are already sending email messages on a regular basis.