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The Benefits of Corporate Video Marketing

The Benefits of Corporate Video Marketing

Corporate video marketing has so many benefits for your business, from boosting your traffic to growing your overall revenue. Video content is super important for your overall content strategy, because it’s measurable, memorable, and snack-sized, making it perfect for an audience that wants short and engaging content.

Here are some of the top benefits of corporate video marketing in Noblesville:

  • Grow your revenue. Marketers that incorporate video content into their content marketing strategy are able to grow their overall business revenue much faster year-over-year than those who don’t use video content.
  • Influence buying decisions. A large majority of consumers say that video content about products helps them make important buying decisions and that watching video content actually makes them more likely to purchase a product. And most marketers say that video aids them in boosting their target audience’s understanding of the service or product.
  • Give your audience what they want. People tend to prefer video content over other types of content, like blog posts, social images, newsletters, and emails. When your target audience is considering purchasing a product or service and they want to research their various options, they tend to use a wide range of different methods. Some of the top ways that customers research products and services include looking at review websites, using a search engine, visiting a company’s official website, and watching videos. You can easily include video content in every one of these places and give your business a better opportunity to convince your target audience to buy.
  • Rank higher in the search results. Video content can also help boost your website’s ranking in search engine results pages or SERPs. For example, the amount of time that someone spends on a page on your website after coming from a Google search affects how high you appear in the search results. Dwell time is a crucial Google ranking factor, and video is one of the best ways to increase this metric. A large majority of marketers say that video content boosts their dwell time on websites.
  • Get more backlinks. You can embed a video into a website page or blog post to triple the average number of backlinks or linking domains.
  • Boost the number of conversions. Video users also have higher click-through rates and higher web conversion rates than non-video users. And using video content on a landing page can actually boost your number of conversions significantly.