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The Key to Creating Sales Videos that Convert: Teach!

Every once in a while, someone captures your thoughts so perfectly that there’s no need to have an original one of your own. Here, entrepreneur, investor, and influencer John Rampton gives sound advice for your sales video:

“Teach the customer everything you know. Give away the farm. Honestly, they will be too lazy to do the work. They are coming to you for a reason and if you teach them everything, they will recognize you as the ultimate source of information.” 

Consumer habits have undergone a dramatic shift: online resources make it easy for them to research their problems, potential solutions, and brands that can help them. In fact, most consumers travel the steps of the buyer’s journey nearly to destination without ever once reaching out to a salesperson or company rep. In your sales video, take the opportunity to tell them what they need to know – not so they can do it themselves, but so they trust that you are the one who can do it for them.

Your Sales Videos Are Boring: Stop

Not “yours” specifically – but as a genre, sales videos tend to be dry, stodgy, boring and typical (especially in the B2B space). If you’re not seeing the results you want, this may be why:

  • You come across as arrogant, pompous, or self-important. This needs no explanation: if you were at a party, would you want to chat with the you from your sales video?
  • It’s disingenuous and impersonal. Your sales video is overly scripted. Yes, you need to know what you want to say, but when a video is scripted to death, it feels disingenuous and impersonal.
  • The video is of poor quality. Whether it’s a messy setting or bad lighting, the aesthetic and production quality of your sales video matters. A lot.
  • It’s too damn long. Given busy schedules and short attention spans, you need to deliver your message without extraneous fluff or long-winded discussion. Say what you need to say – or rather, what your prospects need to hear.

Bottom line: sales videos often fail because prospects know they’re being sold to, and they don’t derive any value from the content. They tune out. The antidote is simple: teach them something.

Teach Prospects/Customers About Their Problem

At the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey, people (or organizations) know they have a problem they need to solve. At this point, before looking for solutions, they need to understand more about their challenge. ElleVest does this in a simple, highly impactful way. The “robo advisor” is designed for specifically for women (“After all, we tend to live longer but earn less”). The platform tailors diversified portfolios and advice to its users’ unique needs and goals.

In this sales video, ElleVest clearly explains the challenges women face – including the still-significant gender wage gap. They do touch on their solutions (quite subtly), but they spend a lot of time nailing down why women should be interested in taking a different route in terms of money matters and investing – and why they should do so now. This educational video conveys an understated sense of urgency, but also a great deal of empowerment. A perfect balance!

Teach Prospects/Customers About Your Industry 

Prospects/customers know they have a problem – but so do you. Your problem is that many of your target audience members don’t fully understand your services or the industry in which you operate. ElleVest is perfect example once again. A lot of us (women and men) are intimidated by the idea of investing.

Whether it’s finance, healthcare, IT, or another more complex area, sales video is your chance to introduce people to your industry in a clear, compelling way.

Teach Prospects/Customers About the Experience

What can prospects/customers expect when they work with you? Don’t leave them to wonder (which increases the odds they’ll wander to the competition). Tell them. Go behind the scenes or show them what it’s like when they choose you.

Dynamic. Fast-paced. Engaging. Collaborative. This is what it’s like to work with AGP!

Teach Prospects/Customers About Results 

For some products and services, it is clear if they work – or don’t. You get that pair of Nikes and you win the Grand Slam, for example. Easy. For others, though, it is hard to see the results. Video is invaluable in demonstrating both value and success.

Our favorite here: Snowflake. They’re tackling the meaty issue of data warehousing, sharing, and security. Sounds exciting, right?

Yes, actually! These have to be the most humorous B2B sales videos ever. Which, we realize, may not be saying much. But these are genuinely entertaining. Snowflake hits the pain points organizations face when it comes to data, teaching them about streamlined solutions, and showing what success looks like.

Better yet, Snowflake learned the “It’s too damn long” lesson and created a series of short videos – The Struggle, After Snowflake, and Success (shown above) – which takes you through all the steps from problem to solution.

Show Don’t Sell

Ditch the pitch. You will turn your prospects and customers off, and as bad, simply blend into the tsunami of content that is already flooding the internet. You can stand out, and above, by telling your story, differently.  AGP specializes in sales videos that are not salesy, corporate videos that are not corporate, and promotional videos that put your customers/prospects in the starring role. This is what you need to thrive in today’s business environment – and we’re here to help.