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The Perfect Commercial from Nike







It’s our job to bring unique and powerful stories of your brand to your clients and prospects and do away with boring corporate videos. No one does this better in the B2C space than Nike. Take a look at the ad they just dropped:




Did you feel that? Goosebumps. Even if you don’t like Nike, even if you don’t like Serena Williams, even if you don’t like sports, you can’t help but connect. This isn’t a great spot: it is a perfect spot. Why?


  1. The script. Every single word is meticulously designed to tell the story. They are scripted (and delivered) to convey passion and intensity without ever veering into a preachy or self-righteous tone.


  1. The Music. Music is a storytelling platform in its own right — and one most brands, marketers, and even producers neglect. They play a song in the background because they should play a song in the background. Nike chose music that was tender yet impactful. It crescendos at just the right moments, driving the narrative forward.


  1. Serena Williams. Yes, she gets paid an astronomical sum to be the face of Nike, but, wow, does she sell it. She speaks with passion and conviction, and you can feel that she believes what she’s saying 100%. Yet another Grand Slam for Serena.


  1. The Visuals. As with the words, each visual tells a story of empowerment, perseverance, professionalism, and courage. Whether it’s a recognizable athlete like Simone Biles, a woman who stole our hearts when she wore her hijab to compete in fencing, a groundbreaking NBA assistant coach, or ordinary people who seek to do extraordinary things, every single frame packs a punch.


In just 90 seconds Nike — and Serena — tell an incredible story. Per usual. They consistently hit it out of the park because they understand the power of emotion. They are the undisputed masters.

No, you may not have a Nike-level budget, but you do have stories that can connect your brand to your audience on an emotional level. No one cares about features and benefits: they want to feel. They want to know that your company will do something to improve their lives, to enhance their days. When you connect, they’re on your side. They’re that much closer to choosing your solutions.