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The Principles of Corporate Video Production

What is corporate video? A chance to check your email? Time to daydream and plan your weekend? A good opportunity to take a nap? Twenty years ago, when an employer, potential partner, trainer, or salesperson fired up sales or training videos, you could almost instantly feel your eyes rolling back into your head. Boring, staid, formulaic; you’d as soon watch paint dry. And, even today, many brands cling to the traditional idea of what corporate video production should be. But why not consider what it can be?


Even the most tactical, technical videos should tell a story. You have an opportunity to highlight not only the “nuts and bolts” of your company, but the humanity and heart behind it. This is what your audience will connect with, and this is what will set you apart.


Types of Corporate Video


Corporate video content is often used to promote products/services, raise awareness of your brand, and used internally to train and educate employees. But it should go deeper than this: your corporate film is a chance to tell an authentic story, reach your audience on an emotional level, and drive them to action.


Think of corporate videos as micro-movies that make an impact. There is intense competition for the attention — and wallets — of consumers. Standing out is essential, and you can do that with bold, creative, and surprising business videos. Unearth the wisdom, humanity, humor, and emotion that lives inside your company, and your audience will respond.


Corporate video production can take a number of forms, including:


  • Promotional Videos.
  • Live Events and Product Launches.
  • Explainers.
  • FAQs.
  • Interviews.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • Behind-the-Scenes.
  • Culture and Brand Films.
  • Social Media.
  • Nonprofit Storytelling.
  • Fundraising videos (VC or donor).
  • Recruitment videos.
  • Employee training videos.


One form your professional video should not take is that of a sales pitch; it shouldn’t be laden with PR-speak and jargon. Today’s consumers crave authenticity. When you deliver, you have a chance to turn prospects into customers, customers into advocates, and skeptics into believers.


Now, the type of corporate video you produce depends on the message you need to convey to your viewers. Don’t worry: AGP is here to help you not only to uncover the stories worth telling, but to create a strategy for bringing them to life with bottom-line impact.


Principles of Corporate Video Production


It’s all well and good to say you need compelling corporate stories. The why is clear  — but how do you do it? Just as we’re seeking to redefine the genre, AGP strives to develop a unique, collaborative, and creative corporate video production process.


The pillars on which we build an effective strategy for production, planning, and management:


Alignment with Business Goals 


Want to go viral? Frankly, that’s the wrong mindset to start your video project with. Yes, you want to produce a corporate video that’s energetic, dynamic, creative, and even fun. And yes, you want social media views and shares and comments. But you also need the video to have an impact beyond, “Huh. Cool. Next!” It needs to resonate with your target audience — not just provide a moment of entertainment for the masses.


Instead of “viral,” think “effective.” And, in order to reach that very attainable goal, you need to align your corporate video production process with your overarching business goals. Otherwise, you’re throwing creative ideas, time, and resources out the window.


Let’s take a look at an example. The City of Carmel, Indiana has been exceptionally proactive in reaching its residents, visitors, and businesses with its aggressive video campaigns. (While not a corporation, per se, the municipality does have similar objectives: raise awareness, create buy-in, generate excitement, forge mutually beneficial partnerships, attract business opportunities, etc.).


One of their goals was to increase awareness of parking in midtown, downtown, and Arts & Design District. “There’s nowhere to park…” was a common refrain, and they wanted to let people know about the abundance of garages and spaces in the area. Sounds exciting, no?


No. It doesn’t. Who wants to watch a video about parking spaces? But that’s what they had to do, and the folks of Carmel, Indiana are always up for a challenge. They are also open to suggestions.


The AGP team worked with the city to create an informative video — with a bit of a twist. Check it out:



The video delivers the information Carmel needed people to know, but it does it in a fun and light way.


So, lesson one: align your videos with your business strategy. Don’t create content for the sake of content. It must have a purpose. And two, don’t be afraid to do something different. Strategy doesn’t need to constrain creativity; it can guide it. 


Audience Insights 


This is another piece of the strategy puzzle: who is your target audience? How will your corporate video fit into their buyer’s journey? For example, are they at the stage where they have identified a problem/challenge and are looking for more information? You can reach them with content targeted towards their pain points. Next, consider:

  • What type of feeling or emotion do you want to evoke? Sympathy? Urgency? Hope? Inspiration?
  • What format will help you deliver your message most effective? For example, do you need to produce an explainer video? A demo or how-to? Conduct an interview? Film a customer success story? Think about the information you need for your audience to access, and figure out how they can do that via your videos.
  • What you want your viewers to do? A strong call to action gives them a nudge towards the next steps (e.g. downloading an ebook, scheduling a consultation, making a purchase).
  • How you will share this information so it lands in front of the right people at the right time in the right place? From your website to social media, an effective distribution plan ensures that they can access your corporate videos on their terms.

Remember, you are not the focus of the video. Instead, they are about how your brand, your product, your service, can help better the lives of your target audiences. Put them first.


Carplex does this consistently. Their videos and commercials hit the common pain points faced by their customers and then offer reliable, affordable solutions. One of our favorites:



This customer success story combines the power of the peer testimonial with the Problem-Solution format that puts the audience in the starring role. (Remember: authenticity is king, and it doesn’t get more real than this.)


Creative Collaboration 


You don’t have to do this on your own. Corporate video production is complex, but when you find a partner who is experienced in strategic, creative, and technical aspects of the production process, it is not only manageable, it is… dare we say… fun.


The key is collaboration. Leverage our knowledge and tap into our ideas. This is just what Sigma, a global nursing organization, did. They needed to produce a video promoting an upcoming conference. Hey, if Carmel could make parking exciting, Sigma could make an educational conference sound like a trip to Disney World.


Sigma wanted to highlight the power and potential of their education and training services and boost attendance at this conference. That was their goal, and it aligns with their overall organizational mission. Good. Step one: ✓


They also considered their audience: busy nursing professionals. How could they convey that they understand the pressure of the work, while assuring them that they go above and beyond in order to further their knowledge and careers? And they had some ideas when we launched the pre-production process.


But as Julie Adams, Sigma’s Director of Marketing, says, “It’s up to you, maybe, as the person in marketing to come up with an idea that you want to convey, and then you get a lot of people who are willing to follow your lead and say, ‘Sure I’ll give you exactly that.’ The problem with that is you don’t get the benefit of the expertise and knowledge of the people that you’re working with.”


Sigma trusted AGP, worked with us, and ended up with a corporate video that was impactful. Take a look at our Behind the Video for the story:



AGP Behind the Video: The Story of Sigma from Adam Grubb Productions on Vimeo.


Don’t trust just anyone with corporate video production! For more information on choosing and hiring the right partner: 




Leveraging Video Assets to Maximize Results


It’s all about ROI. Corporate video production is ultimately a waste of everyone’s time and resources if that content is hidden away in the nether regions of the internet. Bring it into the light, friends. Let it grow.




  • Integrate videos into blog posts. Posts with video generate 3x as many inbound links, which is good for search engine optimization (SEO). People will be better able to find you, and once they’re on your site, they’ll be more likely to get comfy and stay for a while.
  • Put them in ebooks, whitepapers, articles, and other long-form content. You’ve heard about our remarkably short attention spans. Seems goldfish have us beat by a second or two these days. But long-form content is invaluable in terms of SEO and in educating B2B buyers, especially. Pop a few videos in there to increase attention and message retention.
  • Include them in emails (and put “VIDEO” in the subject line). Did you know a video can boost click-through rates by 200-300%? You do now.
  • Pop them up on your website. Landing pages with video convert at a much higher rate (86% higher, thank you very much).
  • Offer exclusive content. When people sign up for your newsletter, for example, give them a little treat of exclusive video content that delivers value and furthers them along the buyer’s journey.
  • Put those babies on social media. If you have long videos, edit them down to a minute or so. Share them on social media and start a conversation around key topics in your space.


You’re not done after you’ve wrapped up post-production. In fact, it’s only the beginning! This is good news: you have the chance to leverage your videos in multiple ways, across multiple platforms. This ensures that your videos work as hard, and as smart, for you as possible.

Redefine Corporate Video Production: Redefine Success


You have the opportunity to change how your prospects and customers see and perceive you. For too long corporate video production has been misused and mistreated as another avenue for PR or sales pitches. What happens if you use this format to tell a story? To grab your audience’s attention? To evoke feelings and spur action?


Well, then you change your video marketing forever. Ready to start?