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What You Can Learn About Video Marketing From Terrible Political Ads


What you can learn from Terrible Political Ads

As you are aware, we are in the middle of an election year. That means rhetoric, Robo calls, empty promises, mindless debates with co-workers, and campaign commercials.

It is the latter I would like to review with you.

The problem with political commercials is two faceted – they are boring and all the same. If there was one environment you would ever want your brand to stand out from the rest it would politics . If there was ever one specific marketing vehicle you would want your voice to be different and truly rise above the noise of your competitors, it would be a political TV ad. In my head, these advertisements and political messages are the number one resource for knowledge we ever have about one of our state representatives.

Instead, we get the opposite.

The exact opposite.

It is mind numbing drivel that pours from the tv every night and they are back to back because of equal time laws and people getting their feelings hurt and blah, blah, blah. These commercials tell us nothing and they show us even less. With stock footage of farmers, construction workers, kids on playgrounds and the booming voice-over telling us: “John Jackmen voted against farmers having farms. John Jackmen hates construction workers. And John Jackmen doesn’t even have kids. A vote for Jackmen is a vote against all of those things we just mentioned.” (I’m Lance Lamp and I approve this message).

Why? Why do you approve that message, Lance? It stinks. You aren’t telling me anything about you, your platforms or more importantly who you are as a human. Lance, you are ruining your chance to capture my attention and my vote because you have decided to do your ads like everybody else. And for the record, John Jackmen did the same thing just 30 seconds earlier.

When the time comes for me to vote for Lance or John, it will be a blind guess on my part because I’m not invested enough in either one of them. And that is their fault.

It’s this mentality that some corporations are falling into with their video marketing strategies. Not the brutal attacks on their competitors but rather the systematic, templated videos that all feel and look the same. The courage to step outside their comfort zone and create a video strategy that is very different than the rest is a chance they just don’t want to take. But that is exactly what they should do.

Otherwise, a prospect could make a choice between you and your competitor the same way I will be voting for Lance or John in November. I’ll throw a dart.