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Video Production FAQs

You know you need video. You know it can help you reach and engage your audience on a new level. And you know you have questions! Here are five that we hear frequently.


1. How much does it cost? It completely depends on how many videos needed to best fit your strategy. Some video production companies price per video or even per minute. We don’t. We price for the strategy itself. How are we going to tell your story differently and what is needed to ensure people see your video. That’s what guides our pricing. Our average price per client range from $3,550 to $5,645.


2. How long does production take? Typical production time frame is 3 – 4 weeks from production to final edit.  Our processes are streamlined and designed to make the experience fun, positive, and collaborative while staying in line with your schedule (and budget) constraints.


3. Who conceptualizes the ideas, sets the tone or direction, and writes the scripts?  Ideally, this should be a collaborative process. You will come with ideas; we’ll come with ideas; and we’ll figure out how to tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience and creates an emotional connection. Your video may morph into something very different than you expected at the outset — and that’s perfect.


4. What is AGM responsible for in the process? You can have us handle just the production of the video or we can handle everything from concept to production to promotion strategy. AGM will also help you identify and clarify goals, understand your audience, develop an overall video strategy, find your unique story, establish performance targets, and more. It comes down to how much support, expertise, and help you want.


5. What’s next? What do you want to happen next? Do you want to have a shiny new video and figure out how to deploy it, track it, and analyze your results? Do you want to distribute it yourself? Where? How? Who?


What’s next is up to you: Most production companies simply produce the video, hand it over, and call it a day..  AGM doesn’t stop when the video is done. Yes, we produce high-quality videos. But our team also makes sure that these assets work as hard, and as smart, for your business as possible.


One of the most challenging aspects of video marketing is managing the content. AGM can handle everything from aligning your videos with your marketing strategy to ensuring they are on the right channels — and in front of the right eyes.


More questions? We have the answers to help you tell your story. Differently.