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Case Studies


The Cake Bake Shop

This video’s number one goal was to show the true connection, love, charm, and experience of Cake Bake Shop. The result is a showcase of not just the beauty of the shop but the true emotion one feels when meeting family and friends over brunch.

Amazing slow-motion visuals.

A story with no words, just the undertones of music and great photography.

The Cake Bake Shop

Experience true bliss

Get an exclusive look inside The Cake Bake Shop and all that it has to offer!
Allied Solutions

Corporate Storiestold right

Every story is worth telling when working with AGM

Allied Solutions

A company announcement done right! This was a client that was recommended by The City of Carmel. It was a very unique project where we needed to have the stories of ten different people come together and be seamless in a very short amount of time due to conflicting schedules. The magic of this video was how our team was able to come in and discover a way to weave all of their effortts and personalities.

The ability to create a story with conflicting schedules and multiple people.

Finding a story within an event.



This was a new client who put their trust in us to tell their story when the world was in lockdown due to Covid 19. We were able to work with Relevant and discover the true superheroes of their business and communicate their story in virtual bite-sized pieces.

A virtual brand video.

We were able to pull a story and theme throughout virtual discovery.


Not all superheroes wear capes

A story can be celebrated virtually in unknown times
City of Carmel

Virtual BusinessStories

Bringing the stores to you in a new way.

City of Carmel

The city of Carmel was greatly affected by COVID-19 and many of their community events were cancelled or they require being reinvented to connect with the people. Adam Grubb was able to provide an opportunity for businesses to connect virtually with their audience for their annual Meet Me On Main event.

A virtual experience for the community to get to know the stores on Main.

Creating new ways to connect on the fly.

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