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Business Video Production Trends for 2020

There was a time when every website, blog, and social media feed needed to have images. Without images in your content, you weren’t going to elicit a lot of likes and – worst of all – Google wasn’t going to rank your site very well. Recently, however, video production has stepped in as the new leader of the pack. You still need pertinent imagery in all your work, but video is that special something that will take you and/or your company to new heights.

So, how do you undertake this endeavor? Well, you create a tailored business plan that involves high-quality video production with a personalized angle. Let’s talk, shall we?

Live Video

How often do you see those little alerts on your phone, indicating that someone is going live on Instagram? People love this kind of one-on-one interaction with their favorite stars.

Essentially, this medium combines the way in which TV captivates us with the manner in which live radio lures us in. Users can submit questions in real-time and truly feel a part of the community.

Intentional personalization is the name of the game with live-action content. Shout out your viewers by name, remark on their comments, and make them feel a part of your world.

Personal Vlogging

Vlogging isn’t a new trend. It’s been around since the inception of YouTube. However, have you noticed its recent ability to captivate audiences worldwide?

Think of some of the major beauty bloggers out on YouTube. They run the world these days. They provide pre-recorded and live tutorials on their favorite beauty brands.

But, you know what else they do? Take one of the all-time, most-watched beauty bloggers, Jeffree Star. His beauty tutorials elicit millions of viewers, but he also does something else.

He invites his followers into his private domain. He vlogs family vacations to tropical destinations and shares special moments like his move from one LA mansion to another.

Although vlogs aren’t typically intended for real-time, they have a way of creating the same effect – making everyone feel a part of the brand leader’s life.

Educational Content

With sites like Udemy, Masterclass, and Skillshare, it’s evident there’s a real market for educational video content. As humans, we’re naturally curious. So, what better way to expand our horizons than hour-long videos that can be watched on our morning train ride to work or evening spin on the elliptical?

So, if your company sells organic essential oils, perhaps you’ll launch a video series on holistic remedies. Whatever your specialty is, you can continue to sell your products, emphasize your expertise in your chosen field, and make the world a better place.

Personalized Video Production in 2020

Sure, it can be a tad more labor-intensive to include personalized video content ’round the clock, but that’s really the name of the game these days. Video production in 2020 should be geared toward live feeds, personal snippets into private lives, and educational content.

If you can cycle in these three trends into your 2020 production calendar, we believe you’ll reap the rewards from your hard work. And, when you’re ready to make these personalized connections, we hope you’ll reach out to us!

Here at Adam Grubb Productions, we help individuals and companies create videos that evoke real emotion from viewers, empower employees, and drive prospects to take action.

Together, we can develop a production plan that will make a personal connection with all your viewers. Let’s start creating today!