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What Every Video Campaign Needs to Succeed

Consumers have an insatiable appetite for video, and they have an endless buffet of content from which to choose. By 2021, video will account for 81% of all internet traffic; we’re already watching 500 million hours of video a day on YouTube alone. Add in Facebook, Instagram Stories, and other platforms… that’s a whole lotta video. So why aren’t you seeing the success you expected? Is your video campaign missing something?

Before You Launch a Video Campaign

Here’s the thought process of many (too many) businesses: Video is hot! We need some. Let’s shoot them, and the customers — and money — will start rolling in.

This results in a hit-or-miss approach and you cannot afford the misses. Whether you’re producing videos haphazardly around topics you think your audience wants/needs to know about, you’re telling the wrong stories, or you’re telling the right stories the wrong way, your video campaign is all but doomed to failure.

Cheery! But this is avoidable when you engage in careful, strategic planning.

Start with Strategy

Your video content must be aligned with your overall business strategy and address these questions:

  • How does the video and its message fit with your business strategy?
  • Who do you want to reach? How do your videos fit into their buyer’s journey?
  • What do your customers really want/need to know?
  • What type of emotion do you want to elicit?
  • What format will help you deliver your message with the most impact (e.g. explainer, demos, interviews, testimonials, how-tos, etc.)?
  • Where are you going to share this video so it reaches the right people at the right time? Which channels will give it the best shot at success?
  • What do you want viewers to do after they watch the video?
  • How are we going to track performance?

Thoughtful planning is a must to ensure that your strategy utilizes resources optimally, reaches prospects and customers on an emotional level, and provides a solid return on your investment.

Manage Expectations

Working with a video production company allows you to get off on the right foot in terms of planning and strategy. When you engage a partner, it’s important that you manage expectations. How so? Well, you can’t plan to go viral, for one.

The reality is you don’t have to. It’s far more important that your video reaches your target audience. Racking up 80 million views is nice, to be sure. Quite the ego boost! But beyond that, your video will soon be replaced by a Grandpa-looking man blending weird things or a woman singing about avocados:

(Just because.)

Yes, you want your videos to succeed, but viral status is not necessarily an indicator of that. You can shoot for “local viral,” and it is far more important that your video reaches 100 or 1000 of the right people instead of millions of the wrong people.

Work with your promotional video company to not only set strategy but to set expectations. What does a successful video campaign look like? How does the process of creating it work? How will you help me make an impact on my audience? And how will we measure it?  These are the questions you need to be asking.

Video Campaign Musts

What does your video campaign need in order to survive and thrive?

Tell Stories. Consumers don’t want a hard sell. They want stories. This is how you evoke emotion, build trust, and demonstrate that you care about and can provide value to your prospects and leads. Great storytelling is the heart and soul of an effective video campaign.

Keep It Short and Sweet. How many times have you skipped over a video? We do it all the time! If you don’t capture your audience’s attention from the first second, you’ll lose them. Take a journalistic approach and put your juiciest or most striking content first. Hook them and reel them in.

Take Strategic Chances. Corporate video doesn’t have to be corporate. In fact, it shouldn’t be! When you tell your story (differently), you connect meaningfully and with impact.

Provide Value — And Build Trust. No one is going to sit through a sales pitch. They will, however, engage with content that does something for them. Maybe it answers a question. Maybe it gives them insight into your company. Maybe it allows them to see into your culture and get to know your people so they feel confident in buying your product or service. When you create videos that deliver value, you build essential trust with your audience. They start to see you as more than a “business.” They see you as a solution.

Don’t Stop When Production Is Complete. After you hear, “That’s a wrap,” you think you’re done, don’t you? Now’s when the real work comes in! It’s time to optimize your video (e.g. writing keyword-rich titles and descriptions), promote it, leverage it across a variety of channels, and track key metrics to see if it’s producing the results you need.

Video Campaign Mistakes

We talked about the danger of not developing a sound video campaign strategy. What are some other common missteps?

Not Paying Attention to Length. Don’t drone on and on (especially about your features and benefits). You’ve got seconds to capture the interest of your audience. Don’t waste it.

Having Too Many Messages. This plays into length as well. We know you have a thousand messages to deliver — but don’t try to do that with one video. You’ll confuse your audience. Worse, you’ll disengage them from your content and your brand. One message: one video.

Not Including a CTA. What do you want people to do after seeing the video? Don’t assume they’ll know. Include a clear call to action: contact us, sign up for our newsletter, download our ebook, schedule a consultation today, etc. They should be action-driven and obvious.

Ineffective Branding. Who are you again? While you don’t want to focus on features and benefits or the hard sell, you do need people to know who you are. Include your name, tagline, logo, and website URL. It doesn’t have to be hit-them-over-the-head loud; just there. Nike and Geico are great examples of brands that do this masterfully in all of their videos.

Giving Up. Your video didn’t go viral. No one seems to be watching, or if they are, they’re not taking action. Don’t give up. Results take time. If you’re not enjoying the success you expected, look to your video analytics to gain insights into everything from channels on which you’re posting to the content that most (and least) resonates with your target audience.

How to Ensure Video Campaign Success

Do the do’s and avoid the don’ts. To make sure your video campaign reaches its goals:

  • Engage a video marketing company.
  • Start with careful, strategic planning.
  • Participate in the production of the video. This should be a collaborative process.
  • Promote the video thoughtfully and strategically.
  • Track the effectiveness of your video campaign.
  • Use insights to ensure your strategy evolves.
  • Leverage these incredible assets!

Video has the power to transform your marketing and your company as a whole. If you have questions on planning, launching, and tracking a successful video campaign, let us know. The AGM team is here to make the process as streamlined, effective, and fun as possible.