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“Your Story. Told Differently.” The Meaning Behind the Motto

It’s a slogan. It’s a tagline. It’d look pretty good on a t-shirt. But what does “Your Story. Told Differently” actually mean to us? More importantly, what does it mean to you? 


It’s What We Do


We toyed briefly with the tagline, “Your story. Told Just Like Every Other Brand on Earth and Guaranteed to Bore Your Audience.” But it was just too long. Also, it made our brains itch just thinking about it.


We don’t want to talk about features and benefits. We don’t want to talk about your products. That’s what your brochures and websites and reviews are for.


No, we want to do something different. Why did you start your business? What idea — what passion — compelled you? It’s the same passion that will compel your audience to act. Who are the people behind the company? It’s those people who will inspire your prospective and current clients to embrace your brand.


We want to tell those stories.


It’s Who We Are


Video production companies have one job, and it is a critical one: to shoot video. Our job is to tell the story of your company culture, of a key process, of a product, of your people in a way that doesn’t feel contrived or artificial or typical. We don’t speak marketing speak: we speak in stories — because that’s what you need. That’s how you connect on an emotional level with your audience. That’s how you tell your story differently.


How Are We Telling Your Story Differently?


We don’t know yet. That’s up to you. We dive into your company, learn about your corporate culture, understand your products/services, analyze what you’ve done in the past. And then we create unique — compelling — stories that are unlike anything your audience has seen before.

When you can break through media saturation, and your own corporate armor, you can connect on a level that was previously unattainable. You can change your marketing, forever, and achieve brand-building results.

We are Adam Grubb Productions. Your Story. Told Differently.