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3 Tips for Killer Corporate Videos


That’s how many businesses use video as a marketing tool. But how many are using it effectively? More to the point: are you?

Strip away the complexity of video marketing strategy for a moment and focus on these three critical steps:

1. Finding Your Incredible Story. Take a walk around your company.

You are virtually assured of finding terrific stories. The employee who has been with you for 25 years. The new mom who is excited to be back after a three-month leave. The innovative team that comes up with creative new solutions to age-old problems. The customer who found one of these solutions and changed their lives. Most marketers, most CEOs, most owners, are hesitant — even afraid — of doing this. “We’ve got to stay on products and services. We’ve got to talk features. We’ve got to hammer home specifics and details.”

Here’s the reality: people can find that information anywhere. That’s what your website is for. That’s what your promotional materials are for, your tri-folds and brochures. Your videos — that’s how you showcase your company in a completely different light.

2. Finding Your Stars.

And while you’re taking that walk around the company, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who’s the best?
  • Who’s the brightest?
  • Who’s new?
  • Who’s been there the longest?
  • Who has a unique talent?
  • Who has a compelling story to tell?

Find these people — and coerce them into being on film! Their personalities are, ultimately, a significant component of your brand personality. They are there for a Prospects, clients, customers, recruits will all look at you through a different lens. You are no longer just a product or just a service: you humanize your company and show your best side on film. From the front desk to the back office, these people are there. They play a starring role in your company; why not give them a starring role in your videos?

3. Finding Your Unique Tone.

When deploying video, you’re not presenting in the boardroom. You’re not huddling with your marketing or teams. You’re talking to people — one on one, in a deeply personal way.

Breakthrough your corporate armor. Explain who you are, how you impact the audiences’ lives, how you change the way they do something (e.g. how they dress, how they work, how they exercise, how they communicate). Talk to them in a tone that is unique and different from that which they’ve heard before. They will listen.

Our challenge to you: find your compelling stories, your incredible people, and your unique tone. These are the ingredients that will help you create powerful, effective videos that move your marketing strategy forward.